Sunday, 13 January 2013


site where top branded original products are
sold for as low as $0.99 products available for
sale are advertised and bidding starts with
members stating the price and the quantity
they are willing to buy the product once the
time allotted to bidding on a particular
product expires the highest bidder wins the
product. This is the biggest site where they sell
genuine laptops and electronics at huge
discount rates sometimes more than 80%
discount on their products however the site
allows payment only via an American issued
credit/debit card and does not ship products
to addresses outside the united states to
overcome this barrier you either get a trusted
friend or relative of yours living in the united
states to help pay for the product and send it to
you then you send the money back to the
person or make use of payoneer debit
mastercard which you can get absolutely free
to get the card. send a request to
and i will send you a direct link. after processing your registration with the link. the card will be shipped to your Nigerian address free of charge. Then you can load and use your card for any american based online transaction

If you are
going to use the second option you need a valid
postal address which you can get on sites like, , ,
the best however is because
they give you a real address and not a p.o box
address due to the fact that some online stores
don’t ship to such address it is also relatively
cheap compared to others on the list it cost
nothing to setup simply sign up get yourself a
postal address where your products will be sent to
and forwarded to your Nigerian address from
there. This service however comes with a small fee
simply change the billing information on your
payoneer master card {if you already have the
card} to your postal address.
2. is a site owned and
operated by dell inc. its sole function is to sell
factory used, refurbished dell products at the
cheapest prices available anywhere around
B U Y O R I G I N A L B R A N D E D P R O D U C T S A T T H E C H E A P E S T P R I C E S Page 5
they also accept payment only via an
American credit/debit card {please follow the
instruction above on how to overcome this}
3. is probably one of the
biggest, if not the biggest site containing a
wide variety of wholesale/retail products at
very cheap affordable rates. Simply run a
search on a product you are interested in
buying contact as many suppliers that catch
your fancy requesting details about the
product and its current price or simply post a
request for quotation describing in details
exactly what you are interested in buying and
suppliers having the product in stock gets back
to you. However as juicy as the prices some of
the suppliers on this site quotes always send
them money through alibaba escrow never pay
any supplier directly because in the case of you
not getting what you order you can easily get
your money back {you pay alibaba and release
the money when you get the goods and you are
satisfied with what you got}.
Kindly follow the steps below on how to be a smart
shopper and avoid costly mistakes.
 Always check details about the product before
paying for it. Check if the details says if it is
used, refurbish or new.
 Compared the prices of the goods with what is
available around you. Ask yourself if you are
still going to be in profit or lose by buying the
 Always order for a sample of the product
before buying in large quantity.
 In the case of never pay
suppliers directly always use escrow and be
sure of what you are paying for run a quick
serach of the product on google. Search for
pictures, specification and user advice before
buying it because most of the suppliers on the
site are from china a country popular for
producing counterfeit products.
 Always make use of the cheapest, safest
means to ship your products as most times
shipping fees may double the price you are
actually paying to buy the product.
 Finally “if it sounds too good to be true,
definitely its not true”. If you feel that its not
possible to get a particular item as cheap as
the price being quoted on the site please stay
away from buying such it always comes with a

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